The Academy

This is an intensive one week course for high potential women leaders. Held in the beautiful state of Maine or the charming island of Bermuda (other locations coming soon), women are taken out of their environment to a place where they can focus, concentrate and learn without distractions.

We Get Personal

We limit the number of delegates in each session so that meaningful exchange and communication can take place. In addition, we work with the delegate and her supervisor both before and after the course to make sure we're addressing development needs and that progress is carried forward once the employee is back in her workplace.

Having sat through more than our fair share of snooze-inducing programs, we've banned boring. We think women learn by doing, with experienced instructors and facilitators who are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and thrive in challenging the status quo. And, dare we say it, we have fun!

Key topics include:

 Leadership:  aligning leadership style with authenticity, personal values and self-image, developing talent in others, fostering and leveraging organizational diversity

Executive presence and communication:  team building, having difficult, coaching and career conversations, reading and influencing people, active listening, presentation skills, running efficient and productive meetings, selling ideas and advocating personal, product and organizational brands, Connectworking™

Confidence: speaking up, finding power in self-promotion 

Negotiation: using skillful and effective negotiation to achieve maximum value and win/win scenarios

Business etiquette: beyond using the right soup spoon, working in a multi-national environment

Financial literacy: knowing what metrics are important and how corporate finance works

Image projection: personal branding, media training (delegates will leave with a personal video)

Healthy lifestyle: keeping mind and body aligned, stress management

Values: implementing ethical decision-making strategies across the organization

Who Should Apply

The Academy is designed for emerging women leaders in public and private companies and nonprofit organizations from around the world. Delegates are selected to provide a diverse group from a wide array of industries, disciplines, backgrounds and cultures.

Women need a casual, comfortable and non-judgmental setting where they can build deep, trusting relationships with peers. Freely explore new ideas and opportunities. Vent and seek advice. Problem solve and share stories, best practices and concerns with those in a similar situation. We provide an environment for conversation between unbiased individuals who don’t have a personal agenda. Therefore, we not only limit the number of delegates for each session to allow for deeper dialog, but also only accept women from non-competitive organizations in each session to make sure there are no underlying business issues which might prohibit honest discussion and feedback. In addition, women will be with a peer group of delegates at the same organizational level. This provides a relaxed setting for close collaboration and fertile ground for breakthrough insights and solutions.

(If you wish to send multiple women from your organization, please contact us before applying.)

What This Means For Your Organization

Your emerging women leaders will expand their general management and leadership skills while developing a wider professional network and sharing best practices which can be brought back and put to work in your company. In addition to having a larger pool of talent from which to draw upon, your organization will enjoy:


Improved employee satisfaction and retention: You’ll create a culture of increased trust, accountability and collaboration leading to happier employees with increased performance, productivity, morale and loyalty.

Increased revenues: Your organization will see increased sales, increased referrals, new product ideas, innovation and improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Lowered costs: You’ll experience lower staff turnover, lower recruitment costs, and lower customer acquisition and retention costs.

An improved competitive edge: You’ll have a wider, deeper and more prepared leadership bullpen.

We Do Things Differently

 ● We think women learn by doing, so our trademarked programs are highly interactive. We get women thinking – and there’s always a surprise or two thrown in to make things interesting!  

● Our programs are tailored to the delegates we serve. No cookie-cutter stuff here. After consulting with a delegate's supervisor, our trademarked system kicks development into high gear, preparing women for progressively more responsible roles. The Academy works with delegates to create personal action plans to implement what they've learned in the program and to continue developing their leadership abilities. And things don't end there. In addition to forming networking contacts that will last a lifetime, we check back in after the session to hold the delegate accountable for moving forward with real growth.  (Please note: This may not be an appropriate program for all women. Delegates are required to apply for admission and will be assigned to a session based on their needs and experience.) 

● Our faculty is made up of seasoned professionals, experts in their fields who can provide insights for specific industries or topics. 

● Organizations make a significant investment in their high potential delegates and it is our job to provide a valuable experience which will last well beyond the week’s programming. Cost covers tuition, materials, activities, events, accomodations and meals.