Success & Co. Programs

We build your leadership bench, providing powerful, transformative learning experiences which give emerging leaders the confidence and skill sets they need to build and sustain a strategic advantage for the organization. Our offerings are an investment in executive potential, with workshops and forums which engage, challenge and stretch high potential employees to learn, grow, contribute and succeed.  Lively, highly interactive and facilitated by seasoned experts, our trademarked programs and workshops educate, energize and empower, kicking development into high gear, showing emerging leaders how to ratchet up their outreach efforts, differentiating and selling themselves and their ideas. Giving them the confidence to better communicate while becoming better personal and company brand ambassadors. Preparing them for progressively more responsible and complex roles.

Delivery Options:

● Keynote Programs
● Workshops
● SmartEats™: A One Hour Lunch & Learn
● SmartChatter™: A Facilitated Connectworking™ Event
● SmartConnect™: An Ongoing Conversation With Your Employees (Or Clients / Customers Who May Benefit)

How can we help build your leadership bench? 

Please contact Susan Dench personally for more information on any of our offerings: