Andrea Pastore: Faculty Member & Content Contributor

                                                  Andrea Pastore is a faculty member and content contributor at Success & Co.

                                                  Andrea is the founder of Etiquette Solutions, because good manners are good business. A former sales executive and Certified Etiquette                                                             Consultant, she helps people polish and refine their etiquette skills, representing themselves and their organizations with confidence, poise                                                         and assurance. Andrea is also a Certified Life Coach.

Pamela Lynch: Faculty Member & Content Contributor

                                                   Pamela Lynch is a faculty member and content contributor at Success & Co.

                                                   A seasoned fashion executive from a female-rich industry, Pamela rose through a succession of dream jobs to become a Senior Vice                                                              President in charge of design and merchandising for a women’s wholesale business. Her specialization in women’s apparel meant                                                                having to work with, for and eventually lead teams, primarily composed of women. She understands the demands and pressures to                                                                  compete and succeed within the cultures of large international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Jeans Co. and The Limited.  

                                                    Pamela is an expert in defining vision, building teams and fostering collaborative relationships.  Having traveled the world to seek out trends and interpret those trends into saleable sportswear and denim collections, Pam experienced many aspects of business, including buying, selling, designing and producing profitable product lines.  She learned from other women what it meant to be a professional.  As her responsibilities grew, she felt compelled to mentor, develop and motivate the young women working for her.  As a member of Success & Co., Pamela shares her myriad experiences to enrich and engage a wider audience and a new generation of leaders.

Pamela has a B.S. in Communications from Northwestern University.  She attained health counseling certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2007.  She sits on the board of Musica de Filia, a girls and women’s choir in Portland, Maine.  Pam is always watching for new trends in fashion, food and home design. A passionate chef of all foods local and organic she spends much of her free time between the kitchen and re-accessorizing or renovating her home.


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                                                    Susan Dench founded Success & Co. to strengthen the leadership bench, accelerating the advancement of a diverse workforce,

                                                    equipping emerging leaders with the confidence and skills they need to handle progressively more important roles and increasingly

                                                    complex challenges. In addition to her responsibilities as president, Susan is a facilitator, oversees content innovation, and is a lead                                                                 relationship manager for the firm. 

                                                    Susan brings a unique blend of strategic vision, expertise and advocacy to her position. A corporate veteran, expert on women in

                                                    business, speaker and author, she focuses on developing and engaging emerging women leaders. As a former global talent development

                                                    executive whose programs regularly scored 12 out of 10 with participants, she understands what it takes to engage delegates, inciting

                                                    action by delivering relevant, valuable and actionable information in an easy-to-understand, results-oriented way, in a highly interactive,

supportive and nurturing environment.

Her philosophy rests on the belief that woman are strong, capable and willing to bring the best of who we are to work each day for the benefit of the organization. She believes that we should take personal responsibility for reaching our goals, building on our natural abilities and leading with an authentic voice.

Susan is also the founder and president of the Informed Women's Network, a non-profit, non-partisan organization engaging, educating and empowering women on pocketbook issues and the power of the purse.

As her family will be only too happy to confirm, Susan is never afraid to give her opinion if asked (and usually if not asked).  Endlessly curious, she is active with the Portland Symphony Orchestra (President’s Council),  the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Maine Board) and the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development (mentoring entrepreneurs) and also works with homeless teens. A home design fanatic, Boston Bruins nut and keen soprano, she lives on the coast of Maine with her exceedingly indulgent husband and admittedly spoiled dogs.


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Success & Co. does things differently.

We call upon a diverse pool of seasoned, successful professionals who are matched up to work with the specific needs of our delegates. Just as you wouldn't want a CFO removing your appendix or a dentist responsible for developing your organization's technology strategy, we think our clients are best served by working with people who understand the challenges they face. Our faculty are experts in their fields, with a passion and enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge and experience with others. 

Susan Dench: Founder and President

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