We Develop Connectors, Communicators + Rainmakers

We wrote the book on business networking for women!

Networking is the #1 unwritten rule for success. Kicking that up into high gear to get personal? That’s connectworking™!

Of course, the great irony in this hyper-connected world is that although we have more ways than ever to communicate, we are craving personal connection.

Making personal connections in a digital age is hard. Differentiating personal, company and product brands can be challenging. The people who can talk to, communicate and connect with others are the ones who will succeed.

Yet according to a Harvard Business Review research report, an astounding 77 percent of the women surveyed believe that hard work and long hours, not connections (which they view with disdain as too sales-y), will secure their advancement.

Ratcheting up our outreach efforts can bring us role models. Access to specific advice and diverse resources. An audience on whom to test our ideas. Mentors and sponsors. Investors. Solid relationships with partners, co-workers, vendors and customers.

 It all circles back to connectworking.

What are you committed to? Go and make it happen!



Motivated, skilled and engaged people build, support and inspire great things. But nothing happens without communication.
 There's stiff competition for top tier skilled talent - especially in organizations developing a diverse workforce. Many organizations are focusing on growing leaders from within to drive business performance. An organization must attract, retain, engage - and develop - talent to ensure a competitive advantage. It’s a business imperative.

That’s where we come in. We provide powerful, transformative learning experiences which give emerging leaders the confidence and communication skills they need to build and sustain a strategic advantage for the organization.  We help them bring the best of who they are to work every day, making an immediate contribution to their organization's ongoing success, and equipping them to handle progressively more important roles and increasingly complex challenges.

We Do Things Very Differently. In Fact, This Is "Business Unusual™." 

We've banned boring! 

Our trademarked programs are highly interactive and packed with valuable, relevant and actionable information that educates, engages and inspires, with participants learning by doing. What this isn't: Hit and run programming. This is a partnership between us, the delegate and the delegate's employer. 


Our signature highly interactive, information-packed one day workshops incite action, motivating and inspiring audiences who want to shake up the status quo! These lively programs deliver relevant, valuable and actionable ideas and information with a fresh, jargon-free, common sense approach. Our engaging, results-oriented style provides tools, techniques and strategies which create opportunities to turn up the volume on the possibilities. Customized for each audience.

The Academy:

Our five day course kicks development into high gear, bringing peer groups together with seasoned experts in a delegate-centered program to hone leadership skills in a collegial environment which educates, energizes and empowers.

The Peer Retreat:

It can get lonely at the top. Our Peer Retreats bring together those in leadership positions in a casual, comfortable and non-judgmental setting where they can build deep, trusting relationships with peers, freely explore new ideas and opportunities, vent and seek advice, problem solve and share stories, best practices and concerns with those in a similar situation. 

What will your organization gain?

Improved employee satisfaction, retention and engagement: You’ll create a culture of increased trust, accountability and collaboration leading to happier employees with increased performance, productivity, morale and loyalty.

Increased revenues: Your organization will enjoy increased sales, increased referrals, new product ideas, innovation and improved customer satisfaction and retention. 

Lowered costs: You’ll experience lower staff turnover, lower recruitment costs, and lower customer acquisition and retention costs.

Improved competitive edge: You’ll have a wider, deeper and more prepared leadership bullpen.


in action

is powerful.