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Emerging Women Leaders

The Academy


in action

is powerful.

Recruiting, retaining and engaging employees keeps leadership up at night. With the changing demographics of the global talent pool, organizations need to employ people with all sorts of differences as a strategic business imperative, aligning inclusion to business needs and goals. Many organizations are focusing on growing leaders from within to drive business performance. In fact, companies with more women at the top outperform their competitors (McKinsey). Tapping the talents of women allows companies to expand their leadership pool.

We work with organizations that want to accelerate the advancement of a diverse workforce, giving emerging women leaders the confidence and skills they need to bring the best of who they are to work every day, making an immediate contribution to the organization's ongoing success and equipping them to handle progressively more important roles and increasingly complex challenges.

We Do Things Very Differently. In Fact, This Is "Business Unusual™." 

To start with, we've banned boring! 

At The Academy, our signature program kicks development into high gear, bringing peer groups of women together to hone leadership skills in a lively, highly interactive and collegial environment which educates, energizes and empowers.

Our offerings are an intensive investment in executive talent, with seminars and extended format forums which challenge and stretch high potential employees to learn, grow, contribute and succeed. In addition to forming networking contacts that will last a lifetime, we work with each delegate to create a personal action plan to implement what she's learned at The Academy and to continue developing her leadership abilities. 

What this isn't: Hit and run programming. This is a partnership between us, the delegate and the delegate's employer.

By selecting a delegate to participate in The Academy, organizations are making an investment in and demonstrating commitment to the success of each delegate. To this end, we work with the delegate's supervisor on development needs before she attends, and also check back in after the session to hold the delegate accountable for moving forward with real growth.

Held in Maine, we take advantage of the natural beauty of the place to provide a relaxed backdrop conducive to focus and learning. We think the state's marketing people got things right - this really is the way life should be! And we're open for business.