Goal setting

(Each new year, we go into the archives and pull out our goal setting series.)

I am a big proponent of writing down both professional and personal goals – after all, if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there? Putting goals on paper also makes them real, a contract with yourself. They should also be shared with someone – a spouse, friend, colleague – which can help keep you accountable.

The SMART formula is an easy format to use, so your goals should be 1. Sensible, 2. Measurable, 3. Achievable, 4. Realistic and 5. Time specific (including timelines and milestones). If these are professional goals, include financial elements.

And last but not least, visualize success! Thinking positively can really affect your outcomes. If you don’t practice positive thinking, give it a try – many things become a habit if done for 30 days.

What are you committed to? How will you make it happen?

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